Ceramic 60cm x30cm x26cm

From Inbetween-ness at the Spode Factory site in Stoke on Trent for the British Ceramics Biennial in 2017.

Unruly formed part of a series titled ‘Inbetween-ness’ made in response to an in-between state of consciousness. I was exploring the liminal distressed elegance of the Spode factory space. Drawn to the ragged shapes and the traces of production burned deep into the fabric of the factory walls, traces of it’s history gouged upon the ceiling and into the floor.


Eggy Soldiers 72dpi edited.jpg

Eggy Soldiers

Ceramic 46cm x46cm x16cm.

From Inbetween-ness

I form relationships between my work to create a dialogue. It is a language that springs from the unconscious, a correlation between thought and medium – a piercing, layering and collaging of surfaces that communicate differences, imperfections and an inbetween-ness.

Withered Creature side.jpg

Withered Creature

Ceramic sculpture 47cm x40cm x47cm

From Inbetween-ness

Created intuitively in response to the Spode Factory. The textured surface is drenched in an oil spot glaze originating from the Song dynasty in the 9th Century.

Gold unstructured form .jpg

Gold Unstructured Form

Ceramic sculpture 36cmx 12.5cm x 20cm

Yellow Crackle.jpg

Yellow Crackle

From Inbetween-ness

Ceramic wall hung painting 43cm x39cm x1cm

Yellow grid.jpg

Yellow Grid

Ceramic wall hung sculpture 30cm x27cm x8cm